Signature Allocation Series

SIA provides discretionary investment management services under a program called Signature Allocation Series (SAS). SAS services are based on the needs and objectives determined by an initial client interview and questionnaire. With SAS, the client imposes reasonable restrictions prior to the management of the account though the Investment Policy Statement, in regards to the particular securities to be invested. SIA then trades assets and rebalances the portfolio, based on those restrictions without any further notifications.

SAS models consists of four platforms with multiple asset classes, investment styles and investment vehicles. Available asset classes include mutual funds, exchange traded products, individual bonds and individual stocks.

Prior to managing assets, the client will work with the advisor to decide the platform to be used as a base model, which may be further customized based on client need.

At least once per year, the financial advisor will inquire in writing if the client’s financial situation, objectives or investment restrictions have┬áchanged in order to ensure the highest client satisfaction. Additionally, clients may call at any time during business hours to discuss directly any changes.

The portfolio is then monitored on a continual basis by SIA’s in-house research department and the client is provided quarterly reports. Since the client retains ownership of assets under our custodians, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. and Fidelity Investments, clients will receive from them confirmations and quarterly statements of all transactions and account activity.