“I believe successful wealth management is the result of an ongoing collaboration between investor and advisor; built upon trust and maintained according to the highest standards of integrity and expertise.”

President and CEO

Partnering with Your Wealth Management Team

SIA builds its foundation in investment management with advisory services to create a truly customized client experience. Our holistic wealth management process includes the oversight and stewardship of all elements of your financial life.

With investments serving as the foundation of your wealth, SIA focuses on tailoring each managed investment portfolio to service your unique and specific needs. SIA’s Relationship Management team helps you focus on the big picture by overseeing the investment management process and collaborating with other professionals.

Innovative Investment Management Strategies

SIA provides investment solutions that satisfy the unique needs of every client.

Signature Allocation Series

Discretionary model platform engineered for various time-horizons and objectives

Focuses on SIA’s Core-Satellite investment framework

Continually monitored models incorporate multiple asset classes, investment styles, and investment vehicles to meet personalized investment needs

Signature Elite

Non-discretionary custom investment platform designed for high-net worth individuals

Custom portfolios and access to advanced investment strategies

Special Situation Services including: tax-loss harvesting, legacy asset consideration, diversification around concentrated positions, and more